Webinar: Introduction to ACCE and Community Energy Financing Schemes

Are you an energy community that has often found it impossible to finance your projects due to a lack of confidence on the investor side? Are you an investor interested in a just and democratic energy transition but do not want to take big risks? Then we recommend you watch the first webinar of the ACCE project!

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ACCE Financial Handbook

This guide aims at facilitating the set-up of a CEFS. For doing so, it identifies the main barriers, and their resulting bottlenecks to set up a CEFS, and highlights solutions to overcome those barriers and transform obstacles into opportunities.

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RES Project Development Guide

In this guide, we identify the main types of CEFSs that energy communities could use. We also describe the key characteristics and and success factors of each of these CEFS.

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ACCE Self-Management Guide

Here you will find practical examples to help energy communities create financing tools dedicated to community energy projects.

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Flyer ACCE

Take a look at our multilingual flyer - a glimpse into the essence and impact of our project.

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