The Access to Capital for Community Energy (ACCE) project aims to investigate, develop and scale innovative and collective financing tools for energy communities in Europe. Building on existing knowledge and working to meet the need for capital to finance European community energy, this EU-funded project marks a new step in the successful energy cooperative work.

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Our objectives

Our objectives are:

  • To develop five CEFS in five target countries (Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Romania and Spain) to set up energy communities at national or regional level.
  • To enlarge and expand two existing CEFS (in scope and capital) in the Netherlands and France.
  • To set up a European intermediary to facilitate access to EU capital and funds by national CEFS.
  • To commit 20 million euros to new and existing CEFS.
  • To trigger 90 million euros of citizen investments through the creation of CEFS (referring to the amount of private capital invested in projects triggered by ACCE).
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Project Partners