What is a CEFS?

Simply put, Community Energy Financing Schemes (CEFS) are funding programmes that finance community energy projects.

These schemes aim to reduce financing barriers for energy
communities, which can vary widely and depend on the specific financing barrier that needs to be overcome, such as access to risk capital or the need for small loans (see our graph -->).

To assist financial actors in setting up new CEFS, we have identified key success factors of existing CEFS. These are our core results:

  • Investors and Management Alignment: All parties involved must understand the risks, expected profitability of community energy projects, and the social economic way of working.
  • Strong Structural Foundations: Developing a robust business model and organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities is crucial for the success of the CEFS.
  • Support and Involvement in Funded Projects: This helps understand the needs and expectations of the projects and allows for better monitoring of their progress.
  • Networking, Knowledge Sharing, and Collaboration: These activities among the involved parties expand the limits of the scheme.