Explore Our Comprehensive CEFS Database

Dive into our database, offering an in-depth assessment of the current panorama of Community Energy Financing Schemes (CEFS) within the ACCE project’s target countries. This resource not only grants valuable insights into the evolving world of CEFS but also establishes a pivotal benchmark for the entire project. It serves as a foundational reference point, enabling the consortium to track the project's progress in alignment with our initial findings.

At the heart of this database is the quest for clarity surrounding the definition of CEFS. It serves as a reference point, enabling the consortium to measure the project's progress against the initial findings.

Within this paper’s pages, you'll find a detailed account of the most crucial activities undertaken in Task 2.1 of the ACCE Project:

  1. Questionnaire Design
  2. Definition of CEFS
  3. Identification and Classification of CEFS
  4. Database Creation

Join us on this journey and chart the path toward a more sustainable and community-driven energy future.