We are pleased to provide an overview of our recent meeting held in Athens, where the ACCE team gathered to discuss the next steps to develop energy community financing. Set against the backdrop of the city's rich history and vibrant energy, our discussions yielded valuable insights and outcomes.

During the meeting, we addressed the following topics:

  • Exchange of best practices and analysis of dos and don'ts in energy community financing
  • Refining the mentoring programme to offer customised expert guidance
  • Coordinating the upcoming launch of a comprehensive financing assistance toolbox on the ACCE website
  • Introducing the first ACCE flyer, providing concise project information
ACCE partner meeting
The ACCE team in Athens.

The meeting in Athens proved to be highly productive, strengthening our team and reinforcing our commitment to realising the Community Energy Financing Schemes.

Looking ahead, our next partner meeting will take place in Bilbao in November. While digital meetings will continue to facilitate ongoing communication, the in-person interactions in Bilbao will offer additional opportunities for fruitful collaboration and progress.